Quickly Measure Job Placement Outcomes

Make Career Services 50% more efficient by generating personalized job leads for your students, and tracking their engagement to make verification easier.
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Let’s build a better bridge between employers and graduates to demonstrate your value and return on their investment.

Get started today by giving your students and graduates access to personalized jobs, track their engagement and verify their employment.

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Measure Job Placement Outcomes

Track student interactions with jobs and their employment status for reporting requirements.

Increase Efficiency of Career Services Operations

Create automated follow-ups for students and alumni that encourages them through their job search process, and keeps them connected to your university!

Provide Access to Personalized Job Leads on Mobile

We analyze more than 1 million live jobs and personalize the most relevant to your students/graduates daily. Each opportunity is classified by O*NET codes and tied to areas of study.

And, it’s FREE for a limited time.

Verify Employment

Our integration of services with The Work Number® by Equifax and MMI provides non-biased third party employment verification that meet requirements of your state and accrediting bodies.

The Features

Mobile Career Services Experience

Engage students/graduates where they are with jobs on their mobile device provided by career centers for the first time.

Comprehensive Career Assessment

Empower students with our JobScript® self-assessment to develop an employment plan.

All-in-One Cloud Solution

Employ your students with less hassle, more control and better support. Because everything is integrated, each component goes further.


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